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 Player Name: Gale.
Player Contact: [ profile] emexceedschangezearu

Character Name: Yuusei Fudo
Character Account: [personal profile] planetary_bonds
Character Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (anime verse), canonpoint: the timeskip between defeating the Dark Signers and Daedalus Bridge successfully being built
Character History: 
  • Yuusei spends his life growing up in Satellite-an island permanently left in a post-apocalyptic state after a mysterious event called Zero Reverse split the original Domino City in two. It's citizens are used by the more prosperous Neo Domino City to dispose of and sort waste and garbage. As such, he lives in a world where he and his ilk are often regarded as trash, and where survival is difficult due to the general poverty of the area. This upbringing molds Yuusei into a generally quiet man who largely stays in his own personal bubble, with little self-worth to his own name but a fierce desire to protect the ones close to him in exchange. 
  • Three years before canon starts, Yuusei ends up in a duel gang with his brothers, Jack and Crow, and the man who inspired them to create it, Kiryu. The duel gang was ostensibly a means for them to do something with their lives other than be aimless teenagers wandering around in a post-apocalyptic landscape, but it quickly became something more once their goals were completed. Watching Kiryu go mad and try to desperately seek out duels to keep the team together forces the team to split, and Yuusei stubbornly stays by Kiryu's side, thinking he can help him. When Kiryu goes too far, however, he leaves, thinking that leaving Kiryu alone will get the man to stop. When being left alone instead causes Kiryu to snap completely and attack Security directly, Yuusei and co go back to rescue him, and Yuusei attempts to get himself arrested in Kiryu's place. This fails, however, and Yuusei is left not only with the guilt of letting Kiryu slip so far, but also with the guilt of letting him get arrested and also knowing that Kiryu thinks Yuusei sold him out. The events leave him deeply shaken.
  • Fast forward to about two years before canon, and Yuusei manages to finish building a D-Wheel with the help of new friends Blitz, Nerve, Taka, and Rally. However, Jack is approached by Jeager, Vice Director of the Security Bureau on Rex Godwin, the Director's behest, with an offer to be made Duel King in the City and get out of the squalid life he's been living, however he needs to bring not only his own Red Daemon's Dragon card, but Yuusei's Stardust Dragon. Jack does this by luring Rally into a trap and forcing Yuusei to choose between saving Rally or letting Jack take his D-Wheel and Stardust Dragon card to get to Neo Domino. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Yuusei picks. 
  • Canon begins with Yuusei just about finished with building his replacement D-Wheel to go after Jack to get back what was stolen from him-less because of the actual items themselves and more for the dreams they represented to his friends. Yuusei eventually manages to meet up with Jack, and refuses Jack's mocking offer to give back Stardust now that he no longer needs it, instead challenging Jack to duel for it. This duel ends up more chaotic than expected, thanks to the summoning of the Crimson Dragon interrupting the duel and leading to Yuusei's arrest.
  • During his time both in prison and in out, Yuusei manages to gather another small circle of friends around him due to him impressing them with either his hard-earned skills, his willingness to go all out for those he cares for, or more often a combination of both.
  • Yuusei is drawn into the Fortune Cup by being threatened with the safety of Rally and co., and he quickly finds out that there's more to it than simply acknowledging his skills. Throughout the tournament, he keeps doing whatever he can to make sure those he cares for aren't endangered by the schemes behind it, and even tries to get the Fortune Cup cancelled due to the fact that he fears the Crimson Dragon will appear again and cause havoc. He's unfortunately thwarted again by Godwin forcibly keeping his new circle of friends stuck in the stands, again putting their immediate wellbeing over whatever large schemes Godwin might throw them into. When the duel against Jack summons the Crimson Dragon and shows him several visions of the past Signers and what comes in the future, Yuusei immediately focuses on the image of Satellite burning in some kind of widespread disaster, and again tries to get the duel to stop because he's not sure about what dangers the duel is presenting. He fails again, and ends up having to stop the duel with his own victory.
  • After a run in with a decoy Dark Signer, Godwin eventually tells Yuusei about the long battle between the Earthbound Gods (EBG) and the Crimson Dragon. Apparently, the Old Momentum that still lies in Satellite is functioning as a door to the underworld, and the Dark Signers want to open that door to let their evil loose. Godwin also reveals that the reason Satellite was purposefully isolated by Neo Domino City was to try and keep the Dark Signers confined to the island and Old Momentum, but this is clearly not going to work for much longer. Yuusei then demands that if he's going to be fighting them, then Godwin should reunite Neo Domino City and Satellite once the Dark Signers are defeated once and for all, showing once again where his real concerns lie. After exacting this promise, Yuusei then is given a helicopter by Godwin, so that he and his D-Wheel can be airlifted to Satellite to fight the Dark Signers. 
  • The first true Dark Signer Yuusei runs into is Kiryu, who had apparently died in prison and had come back as a Dark Signer to get his vengeance on Yuusei. Yuusei nearly loses the duel afterwards, only saved by the fact that his D-Wheel broke down in the middle of receiving Kiryu's Earthbound God's final attack. However, he's left both physically injured (by way of shrapnel in the gut, how) and mentally shaken, both by seeing Kiryuu sacrifice hundreds of souls to summon his EBG and the marked change in Kiryu's character, which he can't help but blame himself for. It manifests as a paralyzing fear of Kiryu's Earthbound God.
  • Yuusei is taken to Martha's for treatment, where she eventually scolds him for trying to burden himself with everything without relying on his friends. He's able to liven up enough after that to repair his D-Wheel, but he's still burdened with doubt over his ability to face down Kiryu again. 
  • After being called to come help Aki recover from her coma induced after her duel with another Dark Signer, Yuusei initially hesitates, still doubtful over his ability to help anyone. However, Martha scolds him again (best mom, Martha) chiding him over hiding away when someone needs him. He eventually goes to wake up and eventually duel Aki when she lashes out, and eventually confides about his own insecurities-he still doesn't believe that he can help anyone, but in the end, he can't stand aside and watch a friend continue suffering. By the end of the duel, he's able to say that even if he had a friend he once trusted, even if they've drifted apart, he'll be able to prepare himself for the worst and continue forward anyway. Later, when she's still reeling from learning Divine's true intentions for her, Yuusei doesn't reject her for still having feelings towards him, stating that he doesn't feel like he has the right to deny anyone.
  • Well, he says that, but he still needs a good solid punch from Jack to actually get that resolve to face down Kiryuu for real. Maybe that's because after the duel, Godwin pretty much drops the whole reveal about Dark Signers actually being dead people and that defeating them means that they'll probably be permadead forever. That'd be a good thing to shake up someone's resolve real good. Thanks for the punch, Jack. 
  • Later, when Signers and company head out to Satellite, they are confronted by the leader of the Dark Signers, Rudger of the Spider mark. He challenges Yuusei to a duel, and reveals that Yuusei's father had a hand in Zero Reverse. Before Yuusei can get more information out of him, however, several children are put into immediate danger of being sacrificed to the EBG thanks to sneaking into the field, and Yuusei's thoughts in the duel turn to saving them, as expected. When Martha ends up sacrificed in their place, he's devastated, showing visible anguish for one of the first times in the series after his duel with Kiryu, but he's able to use it as motivation to continue the duel. When Rudger replaces himself in the duel with a possessed Rally, forcing the two into a life-or-death duel, he's thrown completely off balance. When Rally makes visible moves to throw the duel and let Yuusei win, Yuusei spends the whole play begging Rally to attack him and win instead despite the fact that a Signer losing at this point pretty much dooms the entire world. Rally's forced self-sacrifice at Rudger's hands actually enrages Yuusei to the point that he briefly loses rational thought, instead demanding that the Dark Signers duel him here and now when they leave the group behind and tell them to meet at their respective battlegrounds.
  • Later, Yuusei and co learn that Dr. Fudo had sealed the Old Momentum using the Signer Dragons as locks, and the Dark Signers are likely waiting at each seal to battle. Yuusei decides to head to the seal of the Giant, as Kiryu is likely waiting there. After attending several other Signer battles on his way there, he finally faces off against him. When telling Kiryu that he truly wanted to save him back then and sacrifice himself for him fails to have any effect, Yuusei learns that the Earthbound God is Kiryu's way of making sure Yuusei experiences all of Kiryu's own fears and regret. This gives Yuusei the resolve to finally confront his own fear of the EBG so that he can face down Kiryu's feelings and save him. Eventually, Yuusei admits that he was presumptuous in thinking that he could save Kiryu by sacrificing himself, and that he's figured out that sharing one's true feelings as a friend, relying on the support of others, is the better way to go about helping others that you can't help yourself. This realization prompts the feelings of the other Signers to respond to him and for all the marks to temporarily gather on his back to give him a shiny new card upgrade that lets him win the duel and finally get his true feelings across to the embittered Kiryuu before the Dark Signer dies.
  • He then goes on to fight against Rudger, and learns about the true history between Dr. Fudo, Old Momentum, and the Godwin brothers. While Dr. Fudo never caused the Zero Reverse incident himself, Yuusei ends up breaking down and admitting that he'd always shouldered the guilt for being the son of the inventor of what killed so many people, and outright admits that he's questioned why people still consider him their friend despite knowing this. He admits to being haunted by the question of what he can ever do to make up for the fact that his father's research ruined their lives. He gets his answer in Crow, who claims that neither him nor any of his friends ever thought to blame Yuusei for what his father did, and that right now Yuusei needs to win for everyone, steeling his resolve.
  • After winning that duel (and being thrown into, then out of Old Momentum), Yuusei's able to face down the final battle Rex Godwin and the King of the Underworld by dueling alongside his friends, able to take their support and carry their feelings to victory, now that he's learned how to both support and be supported. 

Character Personality: Yuusei is serious to a fault, to the point where he is the type of person who speaks little and comes off as stoic and blunt (which he is). It's not out of place to assume that he makes a bad first impression considering how little he talks and how intense his blank face can be, giving off the impression that he's glaring a good 95 percent of the time. When he talks, it's brief and to the point, saying whatever he wants to share and not much else. He tends to keep to himself, however, he is not opposed to making friends, and does hold whomever he befriends close to his heart. He's reluctant to put anyone he cares for in any sort of danger, and is willing to do anything, even sacrifice his possessions, well-being, and even life in order to keep them safe. 
Yuusei doesn't often display his emotions: his default expression is what many would define as a "poker face," a neutral facial expression that may seem hostile or possibly angry at times due to his angular eyes. However, he is capable of showing his own emotions, both in small, barely discernible ways and in rather expressive ways (obviously favoring the former over the latter). Because he has a decent hold on his emotions, he can keep himself from acting on impulse most of the time, and prefers to think things through rather than jumping in blindly-the exceptions being certain key trigger points that cause him to flare up quickly and make seemingly irrational decisions (i.e.: DUEL ME). These are generally threatening harm to his friends, or calling someone useless. For all his appearances, he is a warm, caring person, whose small nuances and mannerisms make him easy to read by people who know him well. When he's comfortable, he even goes as far as more casual actions-shrugging and sighing and smiling when it's called for, and openly expressing more emotions than expected.
While it can be hard for others to read Yuusei, he generally has an easier time reading others. He's surprisingly empathetic for someone so stoic, and can figure out someone's emotional state of mind if given ample time and opportunity to observe and/or interact with them. He's not psychic, per se, just very good at making educated guesses. It's this tendency of his to not only understand, but truly empathize with and feel for others that's earned him both friends and respect time and time again. 
Yuusei has a tendency to disregard authority, even when said authority is full of people he's come to respect-he requires little pressure to break the rules if necessary, and even his first reaction to crime committed against him is to seek justice by his own hands rather than to contact Security for help. In general, Yuusei seems to rely on himself more than he does others, preferring to place more burden on himself if he can.
Though Yuusei has acknowledged that his martyrlike tendencies lead him to make presumptuous and arrogant conclusions regarding his personal ability, or the importance of his sacrifice versus the idea that he would be missed at all, he hypocritically continues to act on such self-sacrificial behaviors. He carries a heavy guilt for his father's actions in the tragedy of Zero Reverse, and feels he carries a burden to the city that he can never make up for, often creating an outlet for his attempts of self-sacrifice.

Monster Assignment: Fits
Monster Opt-Outs: werebeast, sphinx, arachne
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*~updated on 02/13/13~*
current location: Just outside Driftviel City.
travelling party: Shaman Verse!Crow, Kurt, Crow, Zone, Rua, Ruka
badges: Trio, Basic
status: Worrying about that gosh darned Shuppet.

 Ryuushi- Klinklang, Lvl 55

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Met at: Entralink at level 5.

Evolved from Klink at level 38.
Evolved from Klang at level 49.

Hold Item: None
Ability: Plus

Serious nature.
Often dozes off.

-Shift Gear
-Metal Sound
-Gear Grind

Ryuushi was met at the Entralink, where Yuusei showed a great interest and fascination with it and the mechanics of its body. It didn't mind the investigations, and ended up tailing Yuusei due to them being rather similar in personality. Ryuushi is decidedly more chattery than Yuusei is, but shares the same level-headedness and penchant for rational thinking.

 Rally- Flareon, Lvl 53

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Met at: Dreamyard at level 11. (swarm)

Evolved from Eevee at level 50.

Hold Item: None
Ability: Flash Fire

Naive nature.
Strong willed.

-Take Down
-Sand Attack
-Quick Attack

Rally was met while training Ryuushi at the Dreamyard, and was caught after a short battle. It is very affectionate towards Yuusei due to its young age, and its overall cheerfulness and excitability reminded Yuusei of the young boy he had once helped care for. Rally often ends up in Yuusei's arms or in his lap when it wants his attention...which is often.

 Gardna- Golurk, Lvl 54

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Met at: Route 3 at level 17. (swarm)

Hold Item: None
Ability: Iron Fist

Evolved from Golett at level 43.

Gentle nature.
Likes to relax.

-Heavy Slam
-Shadow Punch
-Iron Defense

During the blackout, Yuusei had been training when Rally had decided to bat at the swarming Ghost types. Being a Normal type with no non-normal moves at the time, it wasn't very effective and most of the ghosts paid no mind except for a young, easily scared Golett. It ended up running to Yuusei for comfort when it found out that Yuusei could control Rally's behavior to an extent, and once Yuusei got Rally to behave, it ended up being rather good friends with the little Eevee. Yuusei ended up catching it when it kept trying to follow them back to Nacrene.

 Stardust - Flygon, Lvl 46

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Met at: Nimbasa City (swarm) at level 10

Evolved from Trapinch at level 35.
Evolved from Vibrava at level 45.

Hold Item: Stardust
Ability: Levitate

Serious nature.
Good endurance.

-Dragon Claw
-Faint Attack
-Sand Tomb

The Trapinch had started following Yuusei during the Dragon swarms in Nimbasa City, but it wasn't until Aslla!Jack had an adverse reaction to being bitten by the little Pokemon and the item it was carrying was revealed to be Stardust that either Yuusei or Jack realized that theTrapinch actually was the same Stardust Dragon spirit from his Duel Monsters card. Other than its odd coloring and its apparent ability to cause negative reactions near Earthbound-affiliated persons, it is quite the ordinary Pokemon, however, with no difference in strength among its kind. Stardust itself is quite used to changing forms as needed to suit the tides of battle during the years, so being a Pokemon, while slightly disorienting, is no surprise. It has simply resolved to serve its Signer, as it has always done.

Veiler - Ralts, Lvl 18.

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Met at: Pinwheel Forest at level 18.

Hold Item: None
Abilty: Synchronize

Timid nature.
Strong willed.

-Lucky Chant
-Double Team

While training in Pinwheel Forest, Yuusei was eventually approached by this timid pokemon near the end of the trip-or rather, Rally was. And Rally being Rally, he immediately dragged the small Pokemon over once it expressed interest in the human that was emitting gentle emotions. Yuusei ended up catching it, but it seems scared of battling much, at least for the moment...

Kiryuu [unofficialy] - Shuppet, Lvl 16

OT: Fudou Yuusei
Hatched from egg in Nimbasa City.

Hold item: None.
Ability: Insomnia.

Adamant nature.
Highly defiant.

-Night Shade

Hatched from the egg that was given to Yuusei on Christmas, it was apparent right from the get go that this was a very strange Shuppet. Refusing to be near Yuusei at any given moment, it seemed to prefer training on its own, at least until it learned Curse and Spite. Now it seems to just enjoy using those moves alone...ineffectively, apparently, as it's definitely not using them on other Pokemon. What could be up with that little one...?

spoilers it's dark signer kiryuu who still wants revenge on yoosay

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